Andrés Duque is a Spanish-Venezuelan filmmaker. He is best known for his film “Ivan Z”, a portrait of the cult filmmaker Iván Zulueta, which participated in dozens of international film festivals and received a Goya Award Nomination. In 2011, he made his first feature film debut with “Color Runaway Dog”. The film premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and won the Audience Award at Punto de Vista International Documentary Film. In 2012 is invited to The Flaherty Film Seminar in New York. In 2013 he receives the City of Barcelona Award for his film “Dress Rehearsal for Utopia”.






Iván Z (2004, short doc), Paralelo 10 (2005, short doc), Landscapes in a Truck (2006, short doc), La constelación Bartleby (2007, short), Life Between Worlds Not in Fixed Reality (2008, short doc), All You Zombies (2008, short doc), No es la imagen es el objeto (2009, short), Color perro que huye (2011, feat doc), Ensayo final para utopía (2012, feat doc), First Symptoms (2015, feat doc), Oleg (2016 - feat doc), Nastasia's Hands (2015, short doc), A Film Remembered (2015, short doc).